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Welcome to our FAQ page. If you still have questions you need answers for, please call us on 0709 2221777 or email us



Technical help




  1. Do all your vehicles have drivers?
    Yes, all of the cars and vans shown and available on this site are delivered and attended by a qualified and experienced driver. Sorry we do not supply vehicles on thier own, also called 'Dry hire'.

  2. Do you offer 'Dry Hire'?
    No, sorry we don't. Self drive hire, also known in the trade ad 'Dry Hire' is not a hire option. Due to the age and rarity of our vehicles, they are only ever hired with a driver.

  3. What are your rates?
    Our rates vary, depending on the period of hire and individual vehicle, all hire rates are inclusive of driver and plus vehicle delivery fuel at cost, also Congestion Charge and Low Emission Zone charge when applicable. Please call us or email to discuss your requirements.

  4. Are your vehicles available for stunts?
    None of the cars, vans or trucks shown on this website are available for scenes involving any kind of intentional damage. If you need a particular vehicle for stunt work, we can source and supply one to fit your needs


  1. Do you have drivers for hire?
    yes we do, please contact us with your requirements and for rates.

  2. Will your drivers appear on camera?
    yes they will, we are always happy to help. There may be an appearance fee for this. You must insure our drivers to drive on camera, even if they are driving a vehicle supplied by us.

Technical help

  1. I have a production set in a particular year, what cars should I use?
    From set dressing to character cars, we can advise you of the appropriate vehicles for any late 20th Century setting, and find them for hire or purchase if we don't have them currently on our books.

  2. What other props do you offer?
    We have lots of vehicle related dressing items, from period tax discs to load straps and goods trollies. Most will be supplied with the vehicle, but if you need anything specific please ask.


  1. I would love to see my vehicle on TV, how do I go about it?
    Register your car, van or commercial vehicle with us, you never know what programme it might end up in. We have placed cars and vans in TV dramas, Feature Films, music promos and TV commercials. Registration is free, click on 'Register', and fill out the form. Don't forget to email us some clear photos of the vehicle, and your name so we can file them and send them out when we receive an enquiry.

  2. What does registration cost?
    Nothing! It's absolutely free. Just click on the registration tab and fill out your details. Please make sure you email some photos too, so we have them if we get a request for your particular vehicle.

  3. How does it work?
    When you have registered a vehicle, you have to be patient! When we have an enquiry, the first thing we will do is contact you by phone to see if you and your vehicle are avaialbe on the shoot date.At this point your fee will be quoted for the hire period. We do not take a commission from you out of your fee.

    Often cars or vans are chosen off the website, so production will already have an idea of what it looks like.

    Occasionally it will be requested to attend a veiwing, this is not part of the filming, but your expenses will be paid.

    You will know the location and 'call time' (when you need to be there) the day before the shoot, or before if we know it.

    You are welcome to be with the vehicle during the filming, but we do ask you to obtain permission to take photographs, and maintain a professional and repectful manner at all times.


  1. What are your terms and conditions?
    Please see below. By making or confirming a hire booking in writing you accept the following terms and conditions.

  2. Hire period
    Our minimum hire period is one day, sorry we do not supply vehicles for half days or at an hourly rate. A working day is taken to be ten hours door to door, that is from leaving where the vehicle originated until it returns there, or from call time until wrap on each day of multiple, consecutive hire days.

  3. Prices
    Our prices are set by using the information you give us. A one day hire with delivery is priced differently to a full week or different days for multiple vehicles. We always try to give our best price for your budget, and whilst we accept schedules change, if a price is quoted for multiple days and vehicles for a long production, the price quoted is dependant on the original requirements. Should there be a reduction of days and vehicles, once production has started, a new price will be quoted for your acceptance.

  4. Insurance

    Unless specified, A to E Commercials only insure vehicles hired to the first point of contact with the production, that is when the vehicle first arrives on the first shoot day at the place it is requested to be delivered to. This could be Unit Base, a studio or directly to a location. From then on, until the return journey to it's original base at the end of the last day, insurance for the vehicle is responsibility of the hirer, whether on camera or not. This includes overnight between consecutive shoot days if kept at Unit Base.

    It is the responsibility of the production company to ensure artists are qualified to drive and have the experience to drive classic vehicles, and are insured to do so. This includes having a full valid driving licence and are qualified                                             (in the case of commercial vehicles) to drive vehicles over 3.5 tons or (in the case of passenger vehicles) have seats for more than 8 passengers

    All damage will be charged for, including damage to a vehicle's paint resulting from graphics applied during the course of the production, and mechanical damage which is the result of poor normal or stunt driving.

  5. Payment

    For a one off one day hire our payment terms are payment on the day of hire. This can be cash or cheque on the day or payment into our account by CHAPS no later than the day before. Long term hire is payment in advance at the start of the hire. Long projects with separate hire days or days are payable on the first day of each set of hire days.

  6. Cancellation

    Vehicles booked and confirmed in writing (by email, mobile phone text or clearly listed on a vehicle schedule) can only be cancelled in writing, no later that 24 hours before the shoot date. Vehicles cancelled, even in writing, within 24 hours of the hire period will be invoiced for.

Still have questions? Feel free to Contact Us