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1970s and 80s Cars 1970s and 80s Cars 1984 Mk2 Frod Granada estate (C) a2ecommercials 55484691 1989 Mercedes 190 cosworth (C) a2ecommercials 55253264 1989 Landrover Defender (C) a2ecommercials 55249534 Mk3 Escort saloon Four door saloon all original with original sun roof. (C) a2ecommercials 48801454 1980s Granada saloon (C) a2ecommercials 14345447 1980s Cortina estate (C) a2ecommercials 14345463 1980s cortina saloon (C) a2ecommercials 14345464 1980s Mercedes 200 (C) a2ecommercials 14345468 1980s Daimler soveriegn (C) a2ecommercials 14345467 1980s Rover SD1 saloon (C) a2ecommercials 14345445 1980s Volvo saloon (C) a2ecommercials 14345466 Cortina estate 1981 A stunning example in showroom condition (C) A to E Commercials 150485586 1980s or 90s Volvo estate This 240 estate is tatty but perfect as street furniture.(C) A to E Commercials 192443484 1980s Capri (C) a2ecommercials 14345470 1980s mini metro (C) a2ecommercials 14345446 1980s Escort (C) a2ecommercials 14345449 1980s Escort RS2000 (C) a2ecommercials 14345474 1980s Fiesta (C) a2ecommercials 14345776 1980s RS2000 (C) a2ecommercials 15597824 1970s Escort (C) a2ecommercials 14345793 1960s Cortina (C) a2ecommercials 14345469 1970s Cortina saloon (C) a2ecommercials 14345471 1970s Cortina saloon (C) a2ecommercials 14345472 1960s Series 2 Landrover (C) a2ecommercials 55249535 1970s Cortina saloon (C) a2ecommercials 14345473 1960s Cortina 1600E (C) a2ecommercials 14345701 Mid 70s Capri Stunning example of a 3L engined Ford Capri (C) A to E Commercials 167659775 Early 80s Mk2 Ford Granada Stunning example of the Sport model of the Ford Granada Mk2 (C) A to E Commercials 167659776