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A2E Reference

Welcome to our reference pages. This is a section that we hope will be of help to you when selecting vehicles for your production. Also there is information on these pages that will be of help and interest,

We have extensive knowledge of classic vehicles and their place in everyday life. We can advise on a suitable type of car or commercial vehicle for any given character or street scene, and of course supply it. If there is anything else we can be of help with, please by all means get in touch!

On the links below you will find pages for tax discs and even help with registration numbers.

Tax Discs - A brief history of Vehicle Excise Discs (commonly known as Tax Discs) and some examples 

Number Plates - A brief history of registration marks and how they are displayed on vehicles.

Registration Number Table - A full list of registration prefix and suffix from 1963-1999, with some examples

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